A safe space for the wolves and wolf-hybrids of RavenBlack City.
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 About Half Moon Haven

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PostSubject: About Half Moon Haven   Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:23 pm

Half Moon Haven was created by lycans for lycans or wolf-hybrids in RavenBlack City.

Please note this is meant to be a safe place, a place where wolves can be themselves without discrimination and condescension courtesy of vampires. Only wolves and wolf-hybrids will be permitted to join this forum - applicants will be screened to the best of the administration staff's abilities.

Half Moon is not a newspaper. While we do have a forum for news relevant to the city's wolf population, this is not the place to post bindings, severances, sirings or obituaries. There are several lovely news establishments in the city such as AB Antiquo and the RavenBlack Necropolis.

OOC Note: You'll notice there is no Face Claim or Graphics section on this forum. Face Claims made on AB Antiquo and RavenBlack Necropolis will be grandfathered onto this site so there is no need to double post them. The other forums also have well-established spaces to showcase and request graphics.
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About Half Moon Haven
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