A safe space for the wolves and wolf-hybrids of RavenBlack City.
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 - Den Mother -

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PostSubject: - Den Mother -   Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:53 pm


I'm Destiny Lunar, I am a full blooded wolf that was turned by Sterling. I am the Co-Alpha to the Lunar Sanctum Pack (Along with Sterling) and I am the Den Mother. I have two children and treat all of my packmates (including Sterling, sometimes) like my children.

I was turned a year ago, but have been in the city for two years now. I've had one sire, but that went to hell so now I don't even try. I was married to Giomanach until he died and still consider myself married (in the eyes of the city).

I am the Moderator here at Half Moon Haven, so any questions you have I can help you out!

Please enjoy your stay~



You can't throw me to the wolves

They come when I call

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- Den Mother -
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